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Magnolia/Kkatman writes...

Hello! Love your work, especially Gargoyles. That series was inspiration to me.

On to the question, this one Gargoyles 2198 related:

We have two unguessed numbers left. However, there are several answers that I could not find with a thurough investigation of the archive: 123, 126 and 323. What were the already given answers for these three?

Also, the Galvatron guessed 436 as Empire and 438 as Technology, and you neither confirmed those answers as correct nor called them wrong/previously answered. Later attempts at 436 and 438 all met with the wrong/previously answered response, so I want to confirm that these were the correct answers.

Thank you.

Greg responds...

I'm sorry, I don't have that info available to me here in Burbank. Though I find it hard to believe it's not in the archive. I know someone (is it Vashkoda?) has a webpage dedicated to this. You might ask in the comment room.

I am fairly confident that we're down to these last two.

Response recorded on May 08, 2001