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Magnolia/Kkatman writes...

And here is the required stab at one of the last G-2198 numbers.

517 - outdated

(It may not be right, but I can't find anyone who has suggested it before, so at least it's new.)

As for 74, could you give us a slight hint? Specifically, I'm wondering about that enigmatic 'and' just before it. If you were to expand that sentence to be more precise, would it read:

Each was strong in number and strong in 74.


Each was strong in number and each was 74.

Thank you.

Magnolia (of the Seattle Clan)
and Kkatman

Greg responds...

517 is wrong.

As for the hint you wanted, I'm sorta against giving extra hints. But I too am tired of this contest. So, the former.

Response recorded on May 08, 2001