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Faieq writes...

I've noticed lately that you've been getting a few questions about the earth's rhythms that set the female gargoyles 20 year cycle.
I noticed in this book called '1500 fascinating facts about the universe, it's world and it's people,' a section about the earth's rhythms and biological clocks. I thought that this might help people to understand about these Earth rhythms. (This is quoted straight from the book.


"What controls the patterns of our sleeping and waking hours or the bodily rhythms necessary to health and life? Some scientists belive that all living things have built-in timing systems. Others are of the opinion that 'biological clocks' are set by the natural rhythms of the Earth's electromagnetic or gravitational forces. Still others consider that both internal and external forces are responsible. Plants manifest rhymthmic changes in their 'sleep movements'; they raise their leaves during the day and lower them at night. Interestingly, this rhythm is maintained even where light and temperature are kept constant."

Greg responds...

Thanks Faieq.

And to the rest who doubted me: SEE!

Response recorded on December 21, 2000