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matt writes...

i think Bodhe was an idiot. the more i think about it, the more i think how stupid his idea to sell out the gargoyles to the English was! first of all, how does he know if it'll work? what keeps the English from continueing the attack esspecially now that Scotland has lost most of its best defenses, the gargoyles. whats worse is the gargoyles under Demona's control would probably become a huge threat to Moray and Scotland and without the gargs Scotland would fall to the English fast, as it kinda did to Duncan.
i have two questions:
1. why did Bodhe come up with this stupid idea? he had to see that the potential damage greatly outweighed all, if any, advantages.
2. what was Bodhe's plan to get rid of the gargs? destroy them? capture and give them to the English? banish them?

Greg responds...

1. Bodhe was more a coward than an idiot. But whatever.

2. I don't think he ever thought that far ahead.

Response recorded on March 13, 2001