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Corrine Blaquen writes...

I recently read your 'Once Upon a Time There Were Three Brothers..." story, and a key element in it is that Malcolm and the Captain of the Guard were dear friends. Robbie even says he'd lay down his life for Malcolm. My question is, if he cared so much for the prince, why was he so ruthlessly willing to cause his daughter's death? I would think that the idea of hurting the child of his best friend would be enough to make him change his mind about betraying them. If not for Katharine, for Malcolm. Did this cross Robbie's mind when he was planning the betrayal with Demona?

Greg responds...

There's a lot of stuff that happens to Robbie between the end of Three Brothers and Awakening.

But thoughts cross minds all the time, so the answer is probably yes.

Response recorded on August 16, 2002