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matt writes...

1. had Tom ever seen a gargoyle or gargoyle clan before arriving with the refugees at Castle Wyvern in 994?

2. where were Tom and his mother and all the others from anyway? why were they refugees?

3. who was Tom's father?

4. besides his mother, were any of the refugees related to Tom? were any of the other refugees his father?

5. why did Katherine allow the refugees shelter at Wyvern? did they give her something in return, or was she just being nice?

Greg responds...

1. Probably not. Certainly not that close up.

2. They were from a nearby village. And they were refugees because the Vikings had been raping and pillaging there way to Castle Wyvern.

3. Hah! Good question! I'm not saying at this time.

4. No. No.

5. It was her responsibility. Feudal lands worked by (in essence) serfs bring feudal responsibilities to protect those serfs in times of danger. It was the system.

Response recorded on August 20, 2002