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matt writes...

ok, you were right, you said before that there was two beast in the Avalon clan, a male and a female, not two females. so:

1. why didn't Boudicca mate with this other beast as opposed to Bronx? or did she before or after "Avalon"? was Boudicca ever unfaithful to Bronx? :)

2. would the male beast on Avalon ever have a mate?

3. any idea what the male beast looks like, maybe a sibling of Bronx? any idea what K, T, and the M named the male beast?

4. in "The Gathering" Oberon said that he needed the best tracker and choose Boudicca, so that means that the male beast isn't as good at tracking, eh?

Greg responds...

I still think you've got it wrong.

I'm fairly certain I said there were two beasts IN ADDITION to Boudicca.

Response recorded on June 27, 2001