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Entity writes...

You've revealed that Luna, Phoebe, and Selene represent three different 'motivations.' You said these motivations are Fate, Revenge, and Compassion (it's fairly obvious from the show what Phoebe stands for, and you've said yourself in previous ASK GREG responses that Phoebe is "the nice one").

So, why do the Sisters harbor these three agendas of all agendas? If the answer is somewhere along the lines of what The Phoenix Gate's origin is (i.e. only the Timestream, or God, knows), then what were your behind-the-scenes reasons?

Greg responds...

This is more an issue of feel than logic to me, which may be disappointing.

But I feel like these three 'agendas' as you call them strike a balance.

Do we take action or does action take us?

Do we seek redress or offer mercy?

Can we comprehend the universe?

It just works for me.

And, hell, since I've all but revealed it anyway.

When Luna is ascendent the Sisters are the Fates or Norns (or any similar threesome).

When Seline is ascendent the Sisters are the Furies (or any similar threesome).

When Phoebe is ascendent the Sisters are the Graces (or any similar threesome).

Response recorded on November 29, 2001