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Anonymous writes...

Anonymous writes...
Are the weird sisters the Horare? Hesperides? Fates? Norns? Morrigan?Harpies?Graces?

Greg responds...

I think I've answered this.

They are the Fates/Norns and the Furies and a third thing that I've chosen not to reveal at this time.

recorded on 11-29-01

But you never revealed if they were the Hesperides or the Sirens. So mind telling us if they were?

Greg responds...

I specifically said that they are three things. The Fates/Norns, the Furies and (I've since revealed) the Graces. So the answer is, NO -- at least to the Sirens. (I don't know what the Hesperides are, but unless they fit into the category of Fates, Furies and Graces, then the answer is no to them too.)

Response recorded on June 04, 2003