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matt writes...

in the prize you sent to me you said that the "nearly amphibious clan" has lower bodies that "are positively dolphin-esque." i'm not revealing what clan that is cuz i don't want to reveal all the information in the prize too fast (if at all) but i'm sure you know what clan i'm talking about. anyway, are these lower bodies like one appendage like Zafiro's snake-like lower body or are they two appendages ending in dolphin-like fins, more like finned legs? if it is just one appendage how do they walk?

can they still glide even though their wings "have adapted into large manta-like fins" or are they strictly land and water gargs?

Greg responds...

I never said they could walk. Never said they couldn't either. Still not.

And I'm not simply being cagey to amuse myself this time. The truth is that I'm not an artist and I wouldn't want to bind whatever artist ultimately has to design these things in advance. Like to see what he or she comes up with before I make up my mind.

Response recorded on August 14, 2001