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Anonymous writes...

One of the things I have always liked about Gargoyles is the relatively
logical way the events in an episode started. The main characters didn't
get involved in what happened by mere chance, unlike the main characters of
many other series, who often just happen to be nearby whenever their arch-enemy
plots to take over the world again. However, It did seem like a big
coincidence that Elisa's father has a connection with Coyote the
trickster. And Titania's daughter marrying Xanatos of all people also seems like a
big coincidence. So my question is: Is there some logical explanation for this
other than simple coincidence. I'm not asking for a full explanation if
there is any, since you probably wouldn't just give it anyway, so just a
'yes' or 'no' would make me happy. (And anything more would make me even

Greg responds...

Were those things coincidences or simply the way the world works?
What about Vinnie or Brendan & Margot? I intentionally tried to create a
Universe where everything was interconnected, even if those connections
aren't immediately obvious. Kinda like the Simpsons. Does that help?

(GDW / 7-22-98)

Response recorded on July 22, 1998