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Siren writes...

In light of the recent talks about obese gargoyles...male or female, it is good that Broadway is put into such a good light. Sure, Brooklyn and Lexington tease him about his weight, but they are brothers and tease eachother about anything. Broadway has a strong heart and always knows that they never mean any harm about it, cause he always has room to poke fun at them. And most overweight characters are made off to be stupid. Like his brothers...and pretty much the whole Manhattan Clan. They were slightly naive when they first came to New York, but have all grown into better gargoyles. I would never mind seeing an overweight female gargoyle. I think it's about time to start using positive role models that are not stick thin. Look at Camryn Manhiem. She loves her body and never talks about losing weight and trying to look "pretty". To her, in her eyes, she is beautiful and that's all that counts. And that is what should count. So no, I would never mind seeing an overweight female character. I wouldn't balk or gasp. I think it's about time we did have such role models.

Greg responds...

I agree. But that's not the prevailing wisdom in kids TV. If we showed a heavy female gargoyle we would never have been able to do the gentle teasing that Lex did. We'd always ALWAYS have to show the character in a positive light. Role model would not be enough. She'd have to be a saint. (And I'm not too good at writing about saints.)

Still... that's something that at the time, I could have challenged. Maybe not from day one. But certainly in Season Two. At first I was a coward (to the extent I thought about it -- which admittedly, wasn't much). Later, I forgot about it. I don't excuse either sin. But that's what happened.

(And note, I don't think Broadway is even close to obese.)

Response recorded on May 02, 2001