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The Anonymous One writes...

Greg, you said that you felt old because you can remember the "The World May Never Know" Tootsie Pop commercials, but if it helps, I'm 17 and I remember them too. Also, you said you felt old because you were one of the only people who understood your description to Brooklyn/Katana's relationship as Sam/Diane-esque, but I also know what you mean by that, so don't feel old. Cheers was a good show.

Anyway, my question is: Why does it seem like people are always misspelling Brooklyn lately? I mean, I can understand if a person can't spell Titania or Shakespeare or even Oberon, but Brooklyn just seems like a really easy one to me (too easy, anyway, for people to misspell it so often). It's not as though the character/borough was named 'Killishimanabebleck' or some other complicated thing.

Greg responds...

The theme tonight is spelling.

I have no idea, o Anonymous one.

Response recorded on September 01, 2001