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Jared Jones writes...

I have been reading the archived responses and I began to wonder about something. Do you have a particularly great fondness for Brooklyn? I only had the thought because he is featured as a cast member of both Gargoyles, Gargoyles: 2198 and as the main character of TimeDancer. I also just read a quote from the TimeDancer section that made me laugh quite a bit.
"There's conflict. I once described their relationship as Sam & Diane-esque. No one got that, but the intellectual crowd here did understand a Beatrice & Benedick reference. Made me feel old and young, simultaneously."
I guess I never realized what a unique cross-section of people filled the ranks of Gargoyles fans. This made me laugh, what a wonderfully different kind of fan-base.

Greg responds...

I'm a fan of all the characters, almost without exception. I think that Brooklyn has some breakout potential certainly, but his presence in three "shows" is really more a factor of how his character grew. The fact that he needed a quest and that the Phoenix Gate was on the loose made him the star of TimeDancer. The fact that he was in TimeDancer made it possible for him to join the ensemble of 2198. But I have plans for all the regulars.

Response recorded on June 19, 2003