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matt writes...

you've said in the past and we've seen in the show that the Clocktower has a kitchen, a bathroom, internet access, and electrical outlets... what kind of attic/clocktower is this? did the gargs install these things somehow or were they always there? maybe i can see the gargs wiring up the electrical outlets and phone line, but how did they get the plumbing done to install a bathroom and kitchen? and how did they get their fridge up there too? i realize i'm being incredibally anal about this, and you don't have to answer, but i'm just really curious if you have an answer! i'm even debating whether to submit this or not cuz i think you'll think i'm obsessed with these darn details and maybe i am... oh well, here goes!

Greg responds...

There's no kitchen. There's a hotplate.

Basically there's electricity and a small utility-style bathroom up there. Everything else was jury-rigged.

The fridge was a junker. They flew it in. Lex repaired it.

Response recorded on July 02, 2001