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Justin writes...


Now the Labyrinth clan is composed of the mutates, the clones, and the homeless humans that live there right?

Ok so my question is:
1a) How does a clan so small reproduce until 2198?
1b) Do they get outside help from other clans? Manhattan?
1c) If the answer to 1b is true then how is this done?

2)Will there be more mutates? I have heard that said there would be, and I have also heard that there wouldn't be.

3) Does the labyrinth clan have any gargbeasts at anytime between 1996 and 2198?

4)Did the Lab. Clan have any eggs in the 2198 rookery at QFI?

Thank you for answering any or all of the questions. I think this service has done a remarkable job ( at least for me) of keeping the show alive. So I applaud what you do.

Greg responds...

1a. I'm not saying now. But they do.
1b. They don't manage it with only one female.
1c. I'm not saying now.

2. I'm not saying now.

3. I haven't thought about that. But it's possible.

4. Yes.

You're welcome. Sorry I wasn't more forthcoming.

Response recorded on March 14, 2003