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Anonymous writes...

I haven't posted anything related to Gargoyles in a over nine months. I'm
still a major fan, however. I just have a schophrenic mind as of always.
Anyway Mr. Weisman, this is an odd question that I haven't seen anyone
ask. This is stemming from a recent S. Baptisrs declaration and talks with my
friend about womens rights with hardcore Muslim groups. ANYWAY, THE

(1)How did the two sexes interact with each other? I mean, were the sexes
equal in respect with, . . .well respect, power etc. Were the males and
females afforded equal treatment or does one have dominion over the other.
You explained that the family was communial but were the females allotted
the "homemaker duties." Was Society basically matriarchial ar

(2)Going on that same strand even further, how much impact did the human
customs affect it. Would gargoyles pattern their "family values" after the
culture that was nearby.

Greg responds...

1. Gargoyles were generally a warrior race. Males and females can both
be warriors. Leadership and Seconding was decided on the basis of
leadership capabilities, strength and prowess. Males and females both
could qualify, as I think we demonstrated. That doesn't eliminate the
difference between the genders. And males don't have breasts for nursing
new hatchlings, but everyone participated fairly equally in raising each
new generation.
2. I'm sure it was different in different locations. Some
traditions remained. Some did not. Individual gargoyles might have bent
more than their clans. There's no one answer to this question.

(GDW / 7-22-98)

Response recorded on July 22, 1998