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Jacob writes...

Hi Greg

Once again I'm gonna ask you about the problem of a garg living at a pole:

You've just said it wouldn't be that easy that he's awake 6 months and sleeps 6 months in stone. But you still haven't given us the faintest idea, what it COULD be like.
Is that because you still don't know or is this just a secret you want to reveal later? If nothing of the former, please tell us what would happen to a gargoyle then.

P.S. *turning to Matt* You started one of your questions: "in your most recent (and long awaited) batch of questions you said that a garg living at the poles in a 6-month day, 6-month night cycle would eventually adapt."
I just want to thank you (if I understood you right), cuz it makes me a bit proud that my very first question was such a hit for someone.

Greg responds...

Sometimes, I'm just not in the mood.

Response recorded on July 20, 2001