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Todd Jensen writes...

Thanks for posting portions from "Roswell Conspiracy"'s series bible. I only saw a few episodes of the finished version - which varied in quality; they included a rather funny Superman parody, and an episode that I particularly liked bringing in the downfall of Atlantis (using the Thira interpretation of it) combined with a few "Cyclops" robots (one of whom was identified as "Talos"; another was shown with a stick fragment in its "eye" - the real Polyphemus following his blinding by Odysseus?) - but it always rather interested me (especially the notion of the various alien races on earth being the origins of Earth's legendary creatures).

One particular feature of the excerpts that you posted so far: Siobhan's surname being "Barrow". Since, IIRC, Siobhan was actually a banshee - was the surname intended as a reference to the barrows found in the British Isles (which, given their Celtic origins, would certainly make them an appropriate inspiration for a banshee's surname)?

Greg responds...

Pretty much.

What's "IIRC" stand for?

Response recorded on February 27, 2004