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matt writes...

kinda a follow up question here:

if two gargoyles were twins hatched out of one egg (and YES i know how extremely rare this is) would they look identical or not? since they come out of one egg, biology suggests that they would be identical twins (and YES, i know you are not a biologist) but i seem to recall that somewhere i read that no gargoyles, no matter how closely related, are identical, they all look different, as Lex says in Awakening. so, identical or fraternal twins?

thanx again Greg for humouring us on these nearly pointless questions...

Greg responds...

I honestly don't know enough about biology to answer this absolutely. But if what you're saying above is true, than I guess the answer is identical. If THAT is true, than I guess Lex's statement (which you're misquoting and/or misparaphrasing, by the way), is a reflection of the rarity of twins. He hasn't seen any. Neither have I.

Response recorded on June 05, 2003