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Anonymous writes...

1.How strong is Nokkar? Does his physical strength come from his suit? How many of those Sentinel suits does Nokkar have?
2.Is Nokkar's ship capable of faster than light travel?
3.Did Nokkar have to receive any training to become a Sentinel?
4.Is he a good Sentinel? If so why hasn't he been promoted?
5.Why didn't he know of Gargoyles prior to 1996?
6.What does Nokkar do in his ship?
7.After the Easter Island natives disappeared did he make friends with anyone else before the gargoyles arrived on the island?

Greg responds...

1. Strong enough.
1a. Largely no.
1b. Is it me, or is this a really silly question?

2. Yes.

3. Yes.

4. Good enough.
4a. I'm not sure 'promotion' is the real issue, but there are reasons why he's remained in his position.

5. Why would he?

6. The two-step?

7. Largely, no.

Response recorded on October 17, 2001