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Siryn writes...

Hey Greg!

A few Questions All about VInnie! ^_^

1. Jeff Bennett did Vinnie's voice, however were there any times when he did not do the character's voice? (For example, in "Awakenings" The very first time we see Vinnie is on his motorcycle. That yell that Vinnie does when he sees Lexington, is that Jeff's voice yelling or someone else?)
2. If the above is yes, who did Vinnie's voice as well as Jeff?
3. In the series, is Vinnie single, or is there a 'special someone' in his life?
4. How long did he work at each of his respective jobs for?

Thankyou so much Greg! ^_^

Greg responds...

1. I don't recall. It wouldn't surprise me if it was Jeff.
2. No one did "Vinnie's voice" except Jeff. But if you're talking about a grunt here and there, it's possible someone else might have done the character before we knew the character was Vinnnie. In which case, I definitely don't recall. But odds are Jeff was still doing those grunts.
3. He's available. (Didn't I just answer this?)
4. Well... I don't have my timeline here to give you the exact length of his tenure at Gen-U-Tech, but it was clearly short. I haven't given any thought as to how long he worked at Cyberbiotics before being fired.

Response recorded on September 09, 2001