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Siryn writes...

Hey Greg!

More Vinnie questions..

1. Why did Vinnie call his gun Mr. Carter? Is that an injoke from the voice session?
2. How tall is he?
3. Is Vinnie living on his own in NY? Or is he still livign with his mum and dad?
4. Where was Vinnie when the Mirror took place? ~_^

Thankyou!! ^_^

Greg responds...

1. There's a story behind that, that I don't want to reveal yet. But the reason WE chose the name Carter is because when he said it with his accent, it would sound like Kotter.

2. I don't know. 5'10" ish maybe.

3. He's living in Japan, right now.

4. Haven't thought about it.

Response recorded on September 11, 2001