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Kryptonite Android writes...

With Disney's current obsession being the Direct-to-Video market have you considered approaching Disney about doing a DTV Gargoyles movie or continuing the series as a three part episode/movie. To bad your series couldn't be bought out by WB, at least they support their productive shows, ala Batman Beyond and X-men Evolution, with numerous airings. Also has there been any discussion regarding putting the Gargoyles Episodes out on DVD. I know that I would love to own the entire set of all three seasons (even the Goliath Chronicles) but it doesn't seem Disney has any interest in producing these. Any chance you could help the fans see some new Gargoyles DVD's? Thanks!

Greg responds...

I have approached them about this subject as recently as last year, and they are not currently interested in releasing an original Direct to Video.

As I've mentioned recently, Disney Home Entertainment is planning to release a DVD of the first season next year (2004). If the first DVD sells well, then they'll bring out more. And if they sell REALLY well (AND I MEAN REALLY, REALLY, REALLY WELL.) then I think they'd consider doing an original DVD release of new gargoyle or garg-related material.

Response recorded on June 10, 2003