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Heather N. Allen writes...


Hiya, Greg. I can't get into the comment rooms right now, so I'm hoping that you and the other fans will read this in on the submission page, since it'll be another nine months before you recieve this to comment on. ^_^ Anyway, I've got...

****FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!****

On Continental Airlines for the month of June, they will be showing "Awakenings, Pt. 1" as a follow-up to "Monsters Inc" on many of their flights! I caught it flying eastbound from Newark to Houston. THEY'RE SHOWING GARGOYLES ON AIRPLANES!! This is fabulous! Could this be a sign of a future DVD release, or even...*gasp* a new season?!

Here's a quick list of the flights it'll be on:
*North America to UK, Hawaii, Spain, Latin America
*All Domestic flights within the US & Guam to Hawaii
*North America to Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Japan
*Italy, Brazil, Portugal, China to North America

These listings are from the Main Cabin Attractions magazine I got on the plane.

So, if any Gargoyles fans plan on being on these flights for the month of June, encourage your fellow passengers to watch "Monsters Inc" and to stay tuned for the show afterward!


Greg responds...

More like 22 months.

That is kind of amazing. And I never heard about it otherwise. Still, you have to wonder about them showing "Awakening I". They show the first part of a multi-parter. One that ends with a pretty massive 10th century cliff-hanger. It's a great episode, I think. But an odd choice for a flight.

Response recorded on April 14, 2004