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angelica m. matos writes...

hello greg i wanted to ask you that if they were going to air gargoyles again because a lot of fans including myself wantes to see new episodes of them i miss them and what about the movie that ive been hearing about tell me where to go and what to do to get them back on the air ill try to do whatever i can thanxs write back as soon as possilbe.

Greg responds...

As I've mentioned, the live action movie is on hold. They are not currently pursuing it at Touchstone.

If you want to see more new material set in the Gargoyles Universe, than the single Best way to accomplish that is to purchase the DVD, which is being released on December 7th, 2004.

If Disney believes they can make beaucoup bucks on Gargoyles, they will produce more product.

Response recorded on August 27, 2004