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Adam Kitchin writes...

I was wondering if all the fans on Station 8, Gargoyles Sound and Vision, Avalon and all the other sites wrote to Disney to produce a new season not just a simple rerun, and that Disney directors sat down on a table and said, fine there is a demand for Gargoyles how can we invest in this demand (Business A Level knowledge coming in sorry), but if they decided to do it and one day your mobile (or cellphone as you Americans seem to call them) or your home phone or what ever rang and the director said we want to create on of the spin offs for example TimeDancer as it would have a degree of educational aspect to it through everyones favourite character it seems to be Brooklyn (he mine too, I love the voice and the remarks especially the Star Trek and Star Wars spoofs namely "Use the Force Lex" and "You and what Starfleet") - doesn't strike me as a scifi fan more of a action horror kinda guy/gargoyle,

But my point is if Disney wanted to produce timedancer for its educational aspect to slighly teach younger and indeed older generations about historic events through media, would you agree to do it (stupid question).

If so would you want TGS episodes animated or would you allow the episodes to be revised but have the same premise, eg same characters, developments, etc.

I would personnelly love to see Timedancer animated into a series. I never got into Pendragon very much and Gargoyles Season 4 really needs Timedancer revealed so you can understand Brooklyn and his family as I began reading the two side by side and was getting lost.But I am sidetracking big time....

Do you think if we could get enough partitions, letters, public intrest to Disney's attension to open there eyes for a demand for Gargoyles do you think in your opinion that they would listen.

Also if Timedancer was animated and was a success, would you move onto Animating Season 4 or one of the other mini series as such as all together at the same time would be a huge undertaking and would cost a lot to make...

If you think there is a fighting chance then I will go about creating partitions and write a letter to Disney.

Well if your still awake after reading this then I'll sign off as it is late here in the UK (2.30am) just if you could answer the unmarked questions in my response then that would be terrific....


Adam Kitchin

Jeff would HAVE to voice Brooklyn as I admire his skill for voice acting as it isn't a easy task and he does it so well and gives Brooklyn a mixed kinda evil, kind hearted sense to him that you can't really describe....

Greg responds...

I have no knowledge of TGS beyond the fact of its existence. So any similarities to their stuff would be either coincidental or inevitable (given the common source material) or both.

Of course, I'd be interested in doing TimeDancer or any other Gargoyles Universe property.

And coming December 7th there's a GREAT way to demonstrate demand to the Disney folk: BUY THE DVD!!!

Response recorded on September 03, 2004