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Ricardo from Portugal writes...

Will you let us know any of these days the reason why the Canmore clan hunted Demona after Canmore "killed" MacBeth and thus Demona.

Did you think of a reason after "City of Stone" and before "Hunter's Moon", or it is just a plothole that you cannot fill?

I don't want to sound arrogant but the whole 2 seasons of Gargoyles are perfectly detailed and nothing seems to be unexplained, except this... I just think that we should have learnt the reason why the Canmores reignited the vendetta in Hunter's Moon 3...


P.S.: I'm still hoping that you will answer to some of my 7 questions :P

Greg responds...

Actually, there are a LOT of things still unexplained in the first two seasons, beyond this one point. I do know how the vendetta was reactivated, but I don't feel like revealing that story now.

Response recorded on September 13, 2004