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Wilek Nereus writes...

Hello! This is my first time, so my apologies if I mess up here...

1: 7 Arthuran survivors...Arthur, Merlin, Lady Of The Lake, Duval, Gwynevere (sp?), Morgana le Fay, and Nimue.

2: What exactly was the Xanatos Program from Future Tense? Was it a virtual avatar of sorts, under the direct control of Lexington, or was it an independent and possibly sentient program? Or does it matter since it was all a dream? ^_^

Thank you for your time and attention. :)

Greg responds...

1. O.K. Again, we're up to eight survivors now, and contest entries must be on a separate post. (And yes, I realize that you posted this before I posted the new contest rules. I can't believe how many people managed to post on Independence Day. Weren't any of you watching fireworks?

2. I'm not sure I understand, but Yes, Yes and no.