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M. Norris writes...

The Weird Sisters - "Avalon" & "City of Stone"

For me, the Sisters orchestrating of Demona and Macbeth's lives has always been about much more than just getting revenge against the Magus, or 'some petty strike on an island' as another fan put it. Certainly revenge was involved as it's in their nature - but had the Sisters not bound Demona and Macbeth, Demona would have died long ago and Xanatos would never have raised Castle Wyvern above the clouds, and the rest just plays out from there. Again the immutable nature of time and fate in the Gargoyles universe is made clear.

I don't think I've seen any comments on this from yourself though, so I am left wondering if no one has caught on to the greater scheme of things here, or maybe I'm just jumping to grand comclusions?

Greg responds...

You're not.

The key, I believe, to understanding the sisters is that they are simultaneously of three minds: those of the Graces, the Furies and the Fates. (And various mythy permutations of each.)

Phoebe represents Grace.
Seline represents Fury.
Luna represents Fate.

But all three are all three.

So cooperating with the Archmage suited their Fury persona directly, but also fit in nicely with the other TWO aspects of their personas.

Response recorded on October 15, 2004