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scaramutti writes...

After reading many questions and responses in regards to the show, it seems to me that you loved the show but was dissapointed in that it was cancled due to ratings. You are very consistent in in that it was never about the money (although Disney may have thought otherwise) and that spin-offs and movie ideas to continue the show haven't materialized. My question is simple: Have you ever considered participating in a manga-styled comic to continue the Gargoyle storyline and saga? I know it maybe more complicated than it sounds (to me), but I'm sure you would have more freedom to expand the story line, and maybe more flexible (you wouldn't have to pay for voice overs or animation sequences). I for one, would buy it.

BTW, thanks for posting the Carl Johnson music! I have searched long and hard for it... cheers to such a great site!

Greg responds...

You've slightly mischaracterized things... for example, I had left Disney nearly a year before they took the show off ABC.

But cutting to the heart of your question, I'd love to do Gargoyles comics or manga. I nearly did the Marvel Gargoyles comic, before that book was cancelled. No one else has offered.

I didn't post the Carl Johnson music. But I'm glad you like it.

Response recorded on October 19, 2004