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Billy Kerfoot writes...

Dear Greg,

I can't believe I'm talking to YOU!

1) Did you and the others really have to make the Future Tense illusion the way it was? It was horrifying the way you made that woman(Chavez' daughter y'all call her) weeping in devastated New York, made all the good guys except for Goliath and Elisa dead, and the most hardest of all which is Lexington turning into a villain you see in your nightmares! Lexington's my favorite character but this eposide shook me up quite a bit due to his change in person. I hope you don't let Lex become something like that. You won't right? Because if you do I'll be torn.

2) How exactly was Lexington going to rule the world?

3) What made Goliath realize this was all an illusion?

4) Is there a theme to Future Tense? If not did you and the guys just make it for the action?

Greg responds...

1. We were going for shock value, certainly, among other things. Looks like we succeeded.

2. Through his e-Xanatos surrogate.

3. Elisa acting out of character, mostly.

4. There's always a theme. In fact, there are a few in this episode, including: "Be careful what you wish for." "Even the enemy cares about something." "No matter how bad things get, you never stop trying." Etc.

Response recorded on October 27, 2004