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sales@ngcu.net writes...

Alright Greg Seems noone is talking about this anymore btu I'm going to ask anyway. So this live action movie that all us fans have been waiting for, Like where is it. I mean the first episode aired in 94 it's almost been 10 years now. I still care but does Disney, Does Buena Vista, Does Touchstone? and whats more Greg do you still care? I mean if it's just not going to happen the rumor may just need to end because after 10 years of waiting maybe people are loosing hope that it will ever happen. I want it to but somebody needs to get the movie out or noone will care anymore. Hell maybe it could be one of those things like Last unicorn wait 20 years then make a movie and everyone will love it but it will have to be pretty close to the series.


Greg responds...


It wasn't just a rumor -- not back when you posted your question. Touchstone was developing the live-action movie. They simply had not found a script that they liked.

Unfortunately, as I've since stated many times, the current administration at Touchstone has lost interest in the property and have placed all development on hold.

But Disney has NOT given up on Gargoyles. They are currently releasing the first season of the series on DVD on December 7th, 2004. This isn't a rumor either. This is the real thing. A chance for fans to PROVE to Disney that they are willing to spend hard-earned money to support Gargoyles.

It's a make-or-break opportunity for the series. If this DVD is successful -- truly successful, the sky's the limit. If it is not successful (or even only mildly successful), then I wouldn't expect Disney to do much more with the property in the short term.

Response recorded on November 29, 2004