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Anonymous writes...

Dear Greg, Here is my question.(I was never really good at intro's) I know
that Goliath and Elisa both love each other, but what I want to know is
how does Angela feel about this (if she even knows)? Angela really cares for
Demona, being her mother and all. Naturally, I thought Angela would hope
her biological parents would get back together (although highly unlikely).
I just want to know how Angela feels.

Greg responds...

1. Angela's no idiot. How could she not know? I think she's happy for
both her father and Elisa. Elisa's more like an older sister than a
mother or step-mother figure, but keep in mind that Angela met Goliath and
Elisa at the same time. That relationship was firmly established in
Angela's mind long before she knew Demona was her mother.

(GDW / 7-22-98)

Response recorded on July 22, 1998