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Wheeljack writes...

Hi Greg,

I was wondering if you have ever considered another medium than TV for telling new gargoyle stories.
Let's take the idea of a videogame for example. Woudn't it be easier to get the license from Buena Vista for making a game than for making a TV-production? Then "simply" find a developer-team and become project leader.
I kinda like the idea of a Timedancer-Game ^^

Greg responds...


You think ANY of that is simple? Any of it?!!!!

Look, I'd love to work on a TimeDancer Game or any game -- even though I know next to nothing about games.

I'd be even more interested in working on a Gargoyles novel or comic book series.

I'd love to work on a Gargoyles movie (live-action or animation) or direct to DVD.

I'd love to work on a new Gargoyles series or a sequel, prequel or spin-off.

I'd love to publish my Gargoyles Encyclopedia.

I have, as many of you know, been actively trying to generate most of the above for years now. So far no success. But I haven't given up.

But please don't try to tell me that getting any of it done is simple.

Response recorded on February 28, 2005