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Macbeth writes...

Dear Greg , I have a few questions I was wondering about 1 . What Happened to Coyote 1.0's coyote head and body ?
2. Had Xanatos had Coyote armor that he wore ?
3. How come Coyote's head mcame back in Greif . Goliath destroyed Coyote's head to pieces in Upgrade ?
.P.S. - I will be really sad if you don't answer my questions right away .

Greg responds...

1. The body was basically destroyed and went down with the ship. The head was incorporated into Coyote 2.0 and was eventually smashed by Goliath, as I recall.

2. I don't think so.

3. It wasn't the actual head it was a vid-image of the head.

P.S. Sorry, I made you sad, but you must have seen the queue. I didn't even see your question until today.

Response recorded on March 25, 2005