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David G. writes...

The Immortal Seven:
I'm not sure I have this completely right, but there's some sort of contest to guess which seven characters survived from the time of Arthur's Camelot to the present day. Here are my guesses. First of all, the definants. Arthur, obviously, and, supposedly The Fisher King (Pelles).

If the Fisher King is alive, that means you're probably using Wolfram's version of the Grail, so Pervivale the Welsh is the Grail Knight.

Now we have Arthur, Pelles, and Percival.

Nimue was supposed to be trapped forever with Merlin in the Crystal Cave, and was a nymph. We can probably include both of them.

Arthur, Pelles, Percival, Merlin, Nimue. That leaves 2.

You're probalby drawing mostly from Malory, so we can make some very quick eliminations. Lancelot died as a monk. Gwenivere died as a nun. Galahad died when he saw the Grail, but that's not certain, since Percival and the Fisher King have the grail. However, Galahad only exists as a character in Malory, and only exists to find the Grail. I'm willing to leave him dead. Mordred died at the Last Battle. That kills off most of the sentimental guesses.

Now I'm on my own. Morganna Le Fey is a likely survivor, as her magicks might extend her life. So, we have only one to go. The Lady of the Lake was a character, but I'm not sure she counts, since she's a Fey. I'm going to go with Palamedes, being kept immortal to pursue the Questing Beast.

Thus, the final list is Arthur, Pelles, Percival, Merlin, Nimue, Morganna, and either the Lady of the Lake, or Palamedes. (I lean toward the Lady)

Greg responds...

Well, it's a contest, so you have to decide.

But since their are eight survivors, not seven, you could include both. Or would that change your thinking?

Repost and let me know.

Response recorded on December 30, 1999