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Francois Ferland writes...

Hi Greg. Another question, a short(er!) one this time concerning Xanatos.

1. Following "The Journey", you said Xanatos would still retain his ambitions despite having different priorities now and having made peace with Goliath.

Since Xanatos has a tendency to be a bit ruthless whenever it fits his goals, were you planing on having this cause tension between him and the clan in the future, who would obviously be aware of some of his dealings now that they're back on his doorstep? I doubt Goliath would be happy finding out the landlord was involved in immoral business similar to the Matrix or the Mutates...

Thanks again for listening, we really appreciate it!

Greg responds...

Xanatos isn't a dope. He'd take precautions to keep his business private. And I don't see his basic methods changing, even if his priorities have shifted. And I don't see Goliath suddenly developing complete trust in David either...

So you do the math...

Response recorded on April 15, 2005