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Karc writes...

First off, thank you and the staff of Gargoyles for giving us such a great series. I have a few questions about The Goliath Chronicles though, as I never got a good understanding of its production. Why was it distinctly different than the first two season of Gargoyles? Was there some sort of new direction that Disney decided to take with the series, or was this the sole discretion of the creators? Actually, I was also wondering how much creative freedom you really had on the first two seasons. My only guess has to do with syndication vs. network standards, but I think I'm way off. Help, I'm confused. Thanks.

Greg responds...

You're not way off. We had considerable freedom the first two years, and one of the main reasons was because we were a syndicated series.

The third year - The Goliath Chronicles - was network and had much tougher standard & practices rules. But the main reason that the third season was different was because they replaced nearly the entire crew, including all the producers and story editors.

Response recorded on April 27, 2005