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Shauntell writes...

"Alone: Demon Contest Answer."

Hi Greg! This is my guess on Demona's choosing "Alone" for her password. Some of my paragraphs may not be as long as you'ld like, but hopefully they'll have the correct answers.

Paragraph #1: I think one reason she consciously used the password "alone" is because she is alone. It is a fact built on her life due to events of the past and pressent. It is something she has lived with for centuries. She lost her clan in 994 A.D, her mate was turned to stone, she lead a clan for a few years before meeting Macbeth, but she never took another mate. She was afraid and angry. And that anger may be part of the reason why she used the password "alone." Goliath and Xanatos might not recongize her reasons for it, but to her, maybee it is used because of her anger. She blames Goliath for failing to protect the clan. She blames all humanity for the destruction of her kind - the main reason for her loneliness.

Paragraph #2: Hmmm... this one is a little more tricky. I think consciously, she used the password because of her anger - it was the only way to consciously show her feelings for her situation. But subconsciously . . . maybee the subconscious reasons are that which prompted the conscious use of that password. She is so angry inside she can't consciously act in any other way. She is also afraid. That is why she is alone. Consciously, she chooses to be alone, but subconsciously, she is torn up inside. She hides her pain in her subconscious mind, and so many of the real situations she is dealing with doesn't come up consciously. However, with the password, she is still consciously showing what she feels subconsiously without really consciously knowing what she is doing. She is letting people know the only way she knows how, how she feels.
That is why she used the password "alone." Or, at least in my take of things. ^_^

Greg responds...

O.K. Read your entry.

I'll declare the winner after I've read any other entries written before midnight on 9-30-99.

Thanks for playing...

Response recorded on January 06, 2000