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Phoenician writes...

Dear Greg,
Which charachter are you dissapointed about the most since the series ended so soon? Which character's goal got cut off without achieving their "Purpose in life?
I just want to knowout of curiosity.

Greg responds...

All of them and none.

Look, there's nothing professionally I wouldn't rather do than to return to the Gargoyles Universe and have the opportunity to tell more stories there.

But there were numerous times when I knew it MIGHT be over and we gave some open-ended closure to the series so that if necessary I could walk away feeling that we had told a single great tale.

"Reawakening" was one of those times. So was "The Reckoning". So was "Hunter's Moon, Part Three" and so was "The Journey".

If I never get to tell another Gargoyles story, I can still look back on what we achieved with not a little pride and very little regret.

Response recorded on May 03, 2005