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Vicious writes...

On the latest Avalon Mists, i found this little blurb:
"- *Revealed at the 2003 Gathering, it would have been implied in future Gargoyles episodes that Lexington was gay."

Is that true? It brings up a lot of questions besides that too, like how you would go about addressing homosexuality on such a show, and whithin what kind of story framework?

Though it never came to fruition, I hope it is true. I'm bisexual (leaning to gay, women are scary) and the thought of an important character being gay in official canon, on a widely seen show is a big positive to me. I know there are other shows where's a big issue, but I can't stand Queer as Folk or Will and Grace, they just suck.

And hell, Lex is sexy.

Greg responds...

I think the blurb you quoted MIS-represented what I said at that Gathering.

What I said, I believe, is that in my opinion Lex is gay -- though he may not yet realize it. And that we would be consistent with that knowledge... as I believe we have been up to this point.

But that in the current world climate we would not be addressing it on the show at all. Not explicitly or implicitly. It's a damn shame, and since we're talking about episodes that don't exist it would be easy for me to be brave now and pretend that we'd be open about it, but that would be a lie of expectation, and I try to be more honest than that with the fans.

All I promised was consistency. It may sound like a subtle distinction, but believe me it is not.

It may also sound like a cop-out, and believe me, IT IS. But it's a cop-out that comes out of the fact that if I even attempted an implicit portrayal, it flat out would not get on the air. And I could stand my ground. And I would get fired. And then there'd be no consistency either.

Someday, I hope to live in a braver more understanding world... but we ain't there yet. And I think what we're doing is at least a step in the right direction.

Response recorded on May 05, 2005