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Cronyx Ravage, cronyx@alltel.net , ICQ@308946 writes...

First time poster, long time lurker (web and IRC since like 1996)

In response to the following quoted Q&A, what would the legalities be concerning your prosuing Gargoyles fanfic personally? I remember that you were an english major as an undergrad, so even if script writing is a bit different from a more formal novel format, I have no doubt you'd be the best damned fanfic writer around. Of course, given exactly who you are, calling it fanfic would be a bit of a misnomer... <g>

RenegadeEXER writes...
I there a way that you can continue the series in some form or fasion or obtain the rights to use the series from disney

Greg responds...

Sigh -- I have never stopped looking for ways to "continue the series in some form or fashion", but so far I have met with no success. I'm still trying. Cross your fingers.

Greg responds...

When you say "prosuing" do you mean "pursuing" or "perusing"?

I suppose I have as much right to write fan-fiction based on Gargoyles as the next guy or gal. But as with the next guy or gal, I can't get paid for it. And when push comes to shove, I have to write EVERY DAY to feed my family. It's my job. Doesn't leave me a lot of time, energy or desire to pursue writing as an unpaid hobby. Yes, I wind up writing a lot of stuff "on spec", i.e. a lot of stuff that I don't get paid for, but which I have reason to believe will wind up earning me some money down the road.

I realize that might sound mercenary. But I hope not. It's just the facts of my life.

Having said all that, I do hope to someday work on GARGOYLES again in some medium. Given that, I'm protecting myself from future lawsuits by not perusing the original works of other writers (fans) who are dealing with my characters.

So, in summary, I won't be pursuing or perusing fanfiction any time soon.

Response recorded on May 06, 2005