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John writes...

Hi Greg,
Well, that dude with who's name you start your awnsers on his with is back... ;)

I HATE out of time questions! ARGH! However, I hope that if this one will reach you, it will still be in time... no wait... that doesn't make sense...

OK, considering Gargoyles will come back, then it is almost clear, that it is "made" by another company. And if you would present to them the ideas to... let's say "Timedancer", and they reject it, would you stick to it, with all the consequences that could bring, or say "Ok, then without."?
Two addittions: First they would of course reject the WHOLE projekt, and second it doesn't have to be Timedancer, just took it since it is kinda moving alongside with the regular series. It also doesn't have to be a Spinoff, it also could be a major storyline they simply hate. Ah, these companys...

THX for awnsering,
CU, John

Greg responds...

What was the question? I'm sorry John, but from sentence one I didn't have a clue as to what you were trying to say.

Response recorded on May 16, 2005