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Airwalker writes...

"ALONE: The Demona Contest Answer"

Demona consciously chose the word ALONE for a password because in her perspective she is alone. Only she seems to see that humanity is a threat and that what she is doing has to be done. Her birth clan remains blind to that fact. Only she alone can see it.

Subconsciously Demona chose ALONE as a password because inside Demona lurks Angel, the sane innocent she once was. Angel is alone, trapped inside a villain, unable to stop being alone until Demona can accept a millennia of guilt, forgive herself, and allow Angel to be free once more.

(Since there is supposed to be a prize of some sort I figure that I should put my e-mail address somewhere in this post: Airwalker999@Yahoo.com)

Greg responds...

Thanks Airwalker.

Good answer.

Again, the winner will be announced when I finally get through the month of September.

Response recorded on January 10, 2000