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Sonique writes...

ARUGH I can't take it anymore

Far be it from me to tell a webmaster/mistress how to do their job... but serously, what needs to be done is

1. Someone has to go through all those questions and take out the ones that have been all ready answered

2. Someone has to go through and take out all the crap questions like "what is a gargoyle" and "Do you have pictures?" and such

3. Uhm... well 1 and 2 basically

Look I know I'm new to the community but I'd be happy to volunteer to fix this problem. Greg will never get through the questions. It's fine that he answers 1 or two a day but so many are "Check the archives" or "it's in the FAQ" and... it's getting so frustrating... please, someone has to do this. I don't know why it's taking so long to fix ask Greg but I'm telling you one webmaster/mistress to another, something has to be done here.

Greg responds...

We'd all like that. And we're all eager to proceed. I have many volunteers. But we're all dependent on Gorebash - IT'S HIS SITE, and I'm grateful to simply be a part of it. Until he's ready to proceed, we'll just muddle through.

Response recorded on May 26, 2005