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John writes...

Hi Greg,

Argh, the Que is full again with the usual "Hey, what did Titania say?" questions... they'll never learn... (note to self: never use stuff like this if you havn't signed for another 40 EPs...;9 )

Anyway, reading through some interresting questions (I HATE getting a cold ;) ), I stumbled across some "What would you do if the series will not etcetcetcpp." questions, asking about you "allowing someone to make comics out of it." and that got me thinking...

I don't know how long the copyright protection of a series is, but if we assume that it is around 30 years, would you try to sell the rights in 2026 or try to get some new sponsors who will take the series on then?
Another interresting media (you allreaddy used with the "Once there were three brothers" story") would be writing on the series (maybe under a pseudonym) as "Fanfic"...

However, I don't want to sound too negative, with the DVD's out Disney will HOPEFULLY realize what big mistakes they've made with erasing the show and the future erasing of 2D animations... they'll too never learn...

Have a nice day,
CU, John.

Greg responds...

I've decided that I'm not interested in doing Gargoyles as "fanfic". And I'm too vain to use pseudonyms in any case.

Copywrite protection is renewable. I've lost track of recent legislation, but Disney's easily got another 60+ years before they're copywrite expires. Maybe more like 90. And unlike Xanatos, I don't really plan to be around 90 years from now.

Of course, you wrote that message in 2003. Here in 2005, things do look a bit brighter. We've got the second DVD set on the way. We have a real shot at Garg comics. It's all good.

Response recorded on June 22, 2005