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Anonymous writes...

Hi Greg. I just have a couple short questions:

1)I've noticed that Goliath has 2 spikes on his eyebrow ridge, and so does
Demona(she rarely takes off the tiara but in the episode "Sanctuary" they
showed that she *does* have 2 spikes on her brow ridge). I'm not sure if
you already answered this question, but if both Goliath and Demona have 2
brow ridge spikes, then why does Angela only have one? I always thought
she should have 2. Also, in some episodes, it looks as if she doesn't even
*have* any spikes. Why is that?

2)I must be really obsessed to ask this question. On Demona's wings, the
spike on the elbow of her wing arm points up. The spike on Angela's wing
points down. Where does she get that from? If Goliath has no spikes on
his wings, could she have inherited them from a grandparent?

3)How old is Angela? Thanx for your time. Brianna

Greg responds...

1. What's that called? A recessive gene.

2. Sure. Or from Greg Guler.

3. As of 12-31-96, Angela was 952 years old chronologically.
Biologically, she was 21.

(GDW / 7-22-98)

Response recorded on July 22, 1998