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Derek! writes...

ALONE: The Demona Contest

A city of humans had been turned to stone and their only hope was about to be eliminated. And Demona had done it alone. She alone had survived while others didn't and she alone had eluded the Hunters for centuries. But why would the word ALONE suddenly enter her mind?

Subconsciously, the word had been with her since she kissed Goliath on the forehead in 994 AD. She covered up her pain with the mask of a mightly warrior. She made a mistake 1000 years ago and couldn't deal with the consequences, which caused her to forever be alone.

Jeez, Greg, that 50 word limit was hard to do, I had to keep erasing things. So if it sounds weird, that's why.

Greg responds...

Thanks, Derek.

Again, I'll announce the winner after I've reviewed all the entries submitted in the month of September.

Response recorded on January 19, 2000