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Anthony Wu writes...

Dear Greg,
I'm a business student at USC and one of my classes is a freshmen honors colloquium, where business leaders and USC alumni come speak to us on a weekly basis. This past Monday, October 6, we had the pleasure of having Dick Cook, the chairman of Walt Disney Pictures, come speak to us. Afterwards, I asked him if he had ever heard of the Gargoyles TV show and subsequent attempts to make it into a movie. He said he was familiar with it, but they just never found a script that they liked. This is pretty much what you've been saying all along, but if the chairman of Disney Pictures has heard of the Gargoyles movie, don't you feel that Gargoyles has had SOME relevance, and thus, there's still a chance it might succeed as a movie? I'm still holding out hope that Gargoyles will make it to the silver-screen! =) By the way, who IS responsible for writing and submitting the movie's scripts now?

Greg responds...

Last I heard, the live action movie was off the active development list. I've been told that Nina Jacobson, who currently runs Touchstone, is uninterested in the property. I have no idea if that is in fact true.

But the simplest fact is that they did attempt for at least five years to develop a movie script, and they never found one that they liked well enough to proceed with. I never read any of them, but from what little I've heard about them, I'm guessing that we may have dodged a bullet.

Response recorded on July 07, 2005